FOGHORN CALLING – Stop motion video

I just made an animation video for my new song Foghorn Calling,
the 2nd single from the new album Shapes of the Fall (pre-order here).

I wanted to share a little bit of the process with you. I spent a few days drawing all the individual pictures using charcoal on paper and then put them all together with the music to build a visual narrative for the animation.

The song is inspired by Mediterranean trance traditions from southern Italy to the Maghreb, the foghorn is sounding the alarm of the earth’s potential environmental collapse and the devastating loss of biodiversity. The trance is a call for positive action and healing, to step out of the darkness toward the light.

The beauty of stop motion animation is actually how few images you need to create the illusion of movement.
With the individual human and animal heads, the sequences were often 4 or 5 images long and then looped. 2 with the eyes open, varying the background and changing some details in the pupils of the eyes and then 2 more with eyes half open and then shut!

The same principle worked for the dancers. Having them turn in circles allowed me to create a mesmerising animated loop. It never ceases to amaze me when we watch this kind of animation technique how the brain compensates for the missing information between the images of the turning figure to make it so believable.


Here’s my new song “Foghorn calling” the 2nd single from my forthcoming album Shapes Of The Fall:

“Fog horns are the haunting warning signals sent out from ship to ship or by lighthouses along the coastline to prevent catastrophe or shipwreck.
In the second single from his new album, Shapes of the Fall, @PiersFaccini weaves a cautionary tale using this potent sound as a metaphor for humanity’s seeming inability to act on the warning sounds of its very own potential environmental collapse. Will we heed the foghorn in time and set sail for a brighter future or will mankind’s ship of fools break up on the rocks and be lost to the impending storm?
One of the hallmarks of Faccini’s unusual songwriting is to create original conversations between different musical languages and traditions. Here a guembri, the unique instrument belonging to the North African Gnawa traditions and played by the Algerian Malik Ziad is the driving force for Faccini’s plaintive voice, creating an unlikely marriage of styles and a kind of multicultural 21st Century driving blues. If the song were geographically situated it would be at a point dropped somewhere between an English moor, a Saharan desert oasis and a Mississippi crossroads.”


My seventh studio album: SHAPES OF THE FALL.
Out on April 02, 2021
Order it here:

01. They Will Gather No Seed
02. Foghorn Calling
03. Dunya
04. Together Forever Everywhere
05. All Aboard ft. Ben Harper & Maallem Abdelkebir Merchane
06. Levante
07. Lay Low To Lie
08. The Longest Night
09. Firefly
10. Paradise Fell
11. Remember Them
12. The Real Way Out
13. Epilogue

Artwork by Piers Faccini
Graphic design by Element(s)

Label: NØ FØRMAT! and Beating Drum


“The Real Way Out” is out and available on all platforms:

I imagined “The Real Way Out” as a love song addressed to life itself, sung to all the pieces of the puzzle that make up our lives. I wanted the music and lyrics to feel like the different steps we take through the various stages of life, growing up, searching for love, walking the narrow path between pain and pleasure, joy and grief all the while reconciling with the impossibility of ever finding a perfect love with our imperfect identities.
It’s the first extract from my new upcoming album, Shapes of the Fall.

Le 1er extrait de mon prochain album est disponible sur toutes les plateformes!


Neil Young’s 1974 album, On The Beach has always been one of my favourite records. I always loved the stripped down instrumentation and production and many of the songs are like uncut poetic gems, all the more beautiful for their raw unpolished quality. Like Springsteen’s Nebraska, this album captures the full scope of a songwriter at the peak of creativity, uncensored and essential. Here’s my version of the song, For the turnstiles, one of my favourites from the album and a song that playfully evokes mortality and the exit or turnstile that awaits us all at one point or another. In hommage to his original banjo part, I played the song with slide guitar and fretless banjo.


Living through lockdown is a challenge for all us in different ways but I’m lucky to have my studio at home allowing me to carry on working.
I’m participating like most artists in playing a few live shows and songs from my home and I will carry on doing so until lockdown ends. At least in this way our confinement isn’t entirely deprived of music and art that we need daily to lift the spirits!