Live with Malik Ziad (04.20.21)

Check out the replay of the Facebook live with my friend Malik Ziad. We played a few songs from the new album Shapes of the Fall : )


All Aboard (Music Video)

Directed by FANTÔMES / Production: La Blogothèque / Animation: Rodolphe Jouxtel / Additional illustrations: Audrey Jouve I wrote the music to All Aboard with my friend Malik Ziad and I remember at the time as we were playing around with the riff instrumentally, this phrase popped into my mind to sing as a kind of […]

Vinyl Release Shapes of the Fall, delay due manufacturing problem…

I’m writing to you all today with some slightly unfortunate news as we’ve just heard via our distributor of a setback in the manufacture of our vinyl, this will cause a delay in our shipping to you. As those of you know, who’ve been following us at Beating Drum over the years, we take great […]

All Aboard


My new song “ALL ABOARD” feat. Ben Harper & Abdelkebir Merchane is out on all platforms. Shapes Of The Fall by Piers Faccini All aboard is a rallying call for action as the storm of climate disruption and the devastation of the natural world gathers pace. The song is inspired by trance rhythms from […]


FOGHORN CALLING – Stop motion video

I just made an animation video for my new song Foghorn Calling, the 2nd single from the new album Shapes of the Fall (pre-order here). I wanted to share a little bit of the process with you. I spent a few days drawing all the individual pictures using charcoal on paper and then put them […]



Here’s my new song “Foghorn calling” the 2nd single from my forthcoming album Shapes Of The Fall: Shapes Of The Fall by Piers Faccini “Fog horns are the haunting warning signals sent out from ship to ship or by lighthouses along the coastline to prevent catastrophe or shipwreck. In the second single from his […]