Songs I love

I started recording this series of covers about two years ago with the idea of sharing versions of songs that have inspired me over the years. Some of the songs are by known songwriters and some are traditionals. I’ll be recording a new one every month and uploading them up as I go along. All the songs are downloadable for free in exchange of your email, so you can be alerted of any updates directly in your mailbox.
I’ll be recording in my home studio but the lo-finess’ll be part of the process. For the most part, it’ll be just a case of putting a mike in front of a guitar or any other instrument that comes to hand with another for the voice and pressing record with a quick mix afterwards.”
I hope you’ll enjoy these tributes to the songs and songwriters I love.


#7: The Only One

I was 18 when Billy Bragg’s ‘Worker’s Playtime’ was released. My friend James, who I had my first band with when we were teenagers, introduced me to it. Continue Reading →

#10: Cammina Cammina

In the series of songs I’ve chosen to cover so far, I’ve concentrated on songs sung in the English language. For the next edition I wanted to try my hand at singing  in tongues other than my own native language. Continue Reading →

# 11: Broken Butterflies

There are some voices that are incapable of telling lies. They shine like mirrors before the soul, their beauty is in their nakedness, their honesty and their vulnerability. They draw us in like magnets. Like candle wax any resistance melts into the flame. Continue Reading →