L’urgence de ralentir

Derrière l’objectif de Philippe Borrel, des savants et des experts prônent l’avènement d’une société dans laquelle des hommes hybrides seraient connectés en réseau et se verraient remplacer par des cyborgs pour les tâches pénibles. Ce documentaire lève le voile sur un univers futuriste, plus réel et imminent qu’il n’y paraît.

Un monde sans humains – 2012

To accompany this film by Philippe Borrel which describes the slow and often pernicious robotisation of the world we live in, I wanted the music to have a repetitive, robotic feel underscored by a kind of quiet melancholy to offset the brave new world of technology shown in the film. All the instruments in the pieces are played on real instruments but I wanted to ape the kind of feel more associated with ambient or electronic music.

Les insurgés de la Terre – 2011

This was the first film by Philippe Borrel that I wrote music for, the film is an in-depth look at the underground world of radical environmentalists who will go to any lengths to advance their cause. I wanted the music to flow from quiet pastoral folk to more sinister sounds and rhythms. I wanted the music to echo the good intentions of many of the activists featured in the film as well as the unjust treatment many of them have received at the hands of government and the industrial lobbies.


Here’s a showreel of other soundtracks that I’ve done over the years, including the BBC drama Killing Hitler (2002) and the two award winning Channel 4 Series, Testing God (1999) and Soul Searching (2001)as well as a couple of soundtracks for the LWT series The South Bank Show.