My new song “ALL ABOARD” feat. Ben Harper & Abdelkebir Merchane is out on all platforms.

All aboard is a rallying call for action as the storm of climate disruption and the devastation of the natural world gathers pace. The song is inspired by trance rhythms from the Mediterranean, from southern Italy to the Maghreb, these rhythms help us heal, to go from darkness and fear to hope and light.
Drawing on the fable of Noah and the ark, I use the myth to draw a parallel with today’s environmental crisis, “all aboard” to protect and save! What better way to accompany this call to action than two of the finest and most soulful voices in music today, my dear friend Ben Harper and the Moroccan master of Gnawa music and tradition, Abdelkebir Merchane. The song features two instruments from the Maghreb, the aouisha played by the amazing Malik Ziad and the guembri played by his brother the great Karim Ziad as well as the metal hand percussion, the large metal castanets known as karkabous.

All Aboard, “tout le monde à bord” est un appel à l’action collective face à l’accélération du dérèglement climatique. La chanson est inspirée par les traditions de transes du bassin Méditerranéen, du sud de l’Italie jusqu’au Maghreb. Des rythmes aux pouvoirs de guérison… Comme dans le mythe de l’Arche de Noé, « All Aboard » pour protéger et sauver! Quoi de mieux, pour accompagner ce message positif, que les sublimes voix de mon ami Ben Harper et du maître marocain de la musique Gnawa, Abdelkebir Merchane. Côté instruments, on entend le aouisha joué par le fantastique Malik Ziad ainsi que l’unique et hypnotique beauté du guembri joué par son grand frère, l’incroyable Karim Ziad.