Here’s my new song “Foghorn calling” the 2nd single from my forthcoming album Shapes Of The Fall:

“Fog horns are the haunting warning signals sent out from ship to ship or by lighthouses along the coastline to prevent catastrophe or shipwreck.
In the second single from his new album, Shapes of the Fall, @PiersFaccini weaves a cautionary tale using this potent sound as a metaphor for humanity’s seeming inability to act on the warning sounds of its very own potential environmental collapse. Will we heed the foghorn in time and set sail for a brighter future or will mankind’s ship of fools break up on the rocks and be lost to the impending storm?
One of the hallmarks of Faccini’s unusual songwriting is to create original conversations between different musical languages and traditions. Here a guembri, the unique instrument belonging to the North African Gnawa traditions and played by the Algerian Malik Ziad is the driving force for Faccini’s plaintive voice, creating an unlikely marriage of styles and a kind of multicultural 21st Century driving blues. If the song were geographically situated it would be at a point dropped somewhere between an English moor, a Saharan desert oasis and a Mississippi crossroads.”

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