As many of you know I’m an unconditional fan of the late, great Reunion island songwriter, Alain Peters. I recorded his song, “Mangé pour le cœur” on my 2014 album with cellist, Vincent Segal but I hadn’t yet recorded a song of his for my collection of covers, Songs I Love. Now that I’m more than half way into vol 2 of the series, I felt like it was time to go back to the Créole master to pick another of his beautiful songs to play.

This year, I’ve also been working on a new Hear My Voice ep for my label, Beating Drum with singer and percussionist, Oriane Lacaille and so I took the opportunity of her stay with us to record the Alain Peters song Caloubadia together.
Orianne’s father the great accordionist and singer Rene Lacaille grew up and played with Alain for many years in the 70’s. Singing Caloubadia with Oriane, allowed me to connect to the rich cultural roots of that magnificent island the other side of the world and pay tribute to one of its greatest songs.

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