VIDEO: Hope Dreams Live Acoustic

I had the joy of singing in Paris in the wonderful Art Nouveau church of St Jean de Montmartre.
With Anne Gouverneur on violin and Maeva le Berre on cello, we sang and played songs from my recent ep Hear My Voice as well as many old favourites.
The concert was entirely acoustic with no mics nor sound system. With our voices and instruments resonating to the full within the beautiful acoustics and with such a beautiful quality of silence, the two nights were truly unforgettable.
Although I generally prefer that no trace remains of the concert outside of our memory of it and that’s the beauty of a totally acoustic show, I still wanted to share a little fragment of the concert with you.

In order to give you some sense of the acoustics and of the nature of playing without amplification, we just placed one single omni directional microphone on the ground in front of us to capture the performance.

If you have headphones, put them on and dive in to the sound and enjoy!

Vidéo by Tim Hilst

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