Blick Bassy & Piers Faccini – Mother Time

I’m really pleased to let you know that my latest collaboration “Mother Time” recorded with the very talented BLICK BASSY is now available in limited edition 7” vinyl.

Photo: Mr Cup


Last summer I met Blick Bassy and we sang together for a concert in a Romanesque chapel in the Cevennes near my home. The following morning we agreed to try and write and record something together, the challenge being to get it all done in the three hours we had available before I left for another gig!
In the exceptional surroundings of Conqueyrac chapel, we wrote and recorded ‘Mother Time’ as well as putting down a version of the American traditional ‘Make me down a pallet on your floor’ to which Blick Bassy added some words in Bassa, the language of his homeland in Cameroun.

Recorded in one take, whilst keeping the overall colour of the chapel’s unique acoustics, this very limited edition 7” vinyl is produced by Beating Drum and Nø Førmat!

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