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Desert Songs (EP) is out !

I made this EP with the very talented Dawn Landes, I’m excited about it and I hope you’ll like it too!
Desert Songs is available via the usual means, iTunes, Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer etc. and on vinyl via our shop.

02Piers Faccini x Dawn Landes - Dimitri Djuric

Photo by Dimitri Djuric

Desert Songs is out in Europe on my label Beating Drum and in North America on Six Degrees, in digital format as well as on limited edition 12” vinyl.




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New Song: “Heaven’s Gate”

Have a listen to the song “Heaven’s Gate” from my duo with Dawn Landes taken from Desert Songs, the EP we recorded together, out on January 16th.

Ecoutez notre chanson “Heaven’s Gate” que je chante avec Dawn Landes, tiré de notre EP collaboratif, Desert Songs, qui sort le 15 Janvier.

Between takes whilst recording the EP, we found inspiration for the songs we were writing together by walking in the stark and beautiful mountain scenery around my studio in the Cevennes region of the south of France. Chatting as we walked, we swopped tales of desert mystics and seekers that would inspire us to write the songs for our collaborative EP. We wove the arrangements together using my collection of instruments, a Malian Kora, a 1930’s National resonator guitar, West African percussion and an Indian dulcimer and tampura.
Hope you’ll enjoy the record !


Desert Songs out on January 15th via Beating Drum in Europe and via Six Degrees in America.
It will be released digitally as well as on limited edition 12” vinyl


01 Heaven’s Gate
02 We Come and Go
03 Book of Dreams
04 Crying Out Loud
05 I Hear a Calling


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Exciting News: Jenny Lysander’s album release – Yelli Yelli – Horsedreamer – Record Store Day EP

Springtime is upon us and a busy and creative time it is too!
Our little Beating Drum workshop has been working round the clock these last few months and I’m very excited to share our new releases with you.
First up after more than a year of work and preparation JENNY LYSANDER released her debut album NORTHERN FOLK on the 27th April.
Jenny is a remarkable talent and I fell in love wit her voice from the first moment I heard her haunting and beautiful songs. We made her record together in my studio at home in the south of France. Her quiet and poetic music is exactly the kind of work I dreamed of releasing when I had the crazy idea of starting up a record label in 2012. I’m very proud of the album and of the hard work Jenny and I put into making it happen and I hope now that the record is out, you will find the time to discover and savour her rare and poetic voice!

Jenny Lysander – Northern Folk
Available now:
Album streaming:
– Spotify

Beating drum is also putting out exciting new eps that I’ve also collaborated on from beginning to end.
First up YELLI YELLI with the kind of cultural cross-over style that I love. Artistically set somewhere between Paris and Kabylie in Algeria, I recorded it with Emi Hanak aka Yelli Yelli.
As a young girl, Yelli Yelli’s mother would sing her traditional Kabyle songs. The songs, sung in a language that she couldn’t understand stayed with her nonetheless, planting a seed in her that would later bring her to explore the musical and cultural imprint of her own origins. I was glad Yelli Yelli turned to me for this project as a fellow wanderer between musical frontiers, it was exactly the kind of project I love writing and collaborating on.

Yelli Yelli (Digital EP) – OUT NOW
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HORSEDREAMER is a collaboration between me and my old friend the poet and singer Roger Robinson.
Imagine it as a conversation between old friends when words resound and shared stories build pathways straight to the heart. I provide the music, Roger the words. Horsedreamer is our conversation.
As you know at Beating drum we’re always looking to experiment with the kind of object we produce to accompany music and so we printed up a kind of poetic comic book to provide a backdrop for Horsedreamer’s songs, the comic book tells the enigmatic story of two renegade wanderers in the badlands of an imaginary central american wasteland. The object is available on the Beating Drum shop only and sold together with a download of the four tracks from the ep. There are only 200 copies!

If things go well Roger and I would like to push this concept further when the full album comes out by combining the full length record with a complete graphic novel…

Horsedreamder (Comic Book + MP3) – Release date : 11 May 2015
Comic Book (20 pages) + Digital EP (4 track) already available on pre-order with “Mexico” as Instant Grat Download:
iTunes (4-track ep)
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Record Store Day has been and gone, my label Beating drum participated in the event in France and the Uk putting out a limited edition 12 inch features four original compositions by me recorded especially for the occasion.
This is the third year we’ve participated and I love doing something each time as it allows me to experiment and try out different ideas and styles from the albums that I make. This year’s release is inspired by the different traditions of work songs worldwide, the four songs recreate the call of voices rising in unison to the beat of a hammer or to the syncopated grinding of grain on the threshing floor. In WORK SONGS rhythm is the hand clap that keeps time to the crash of an axe or the thud of a pestle on a stone mortar. Inspired as much by Southern Mediterranean vocal traditions as those of African American origins, these four new compositions showcase Faccini’s customary and original music without frontiers.
Lastly the artwork for the 12 inch was made using original lino cuts that I made.

Piers Faccini – Work Songs (Collector Vinyl EP)
Available now on Beating Drum Shop
01. Whistling Wind
02. Nightwalker
03. How I weep
04. Blood River

As you know Music is food and we aim to grow and sell the nutritious kind, so if you like our style and our ethos, remember to support us by buying our lovingly made produce!

Thank you for your time,

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