“Terre de mon poème” by Yelli Yelli is out!

Our very latest release ‘Terre De Mon Poeme‘ by Yelli Yelli is out on my label Beating Drum and via the usual channels. I had the joy of collaborating on this album from beginning to end and I can’t recommend it you all enough! :)

Voici « Terre De Mon Poème » de Yelli Yelli, un disque récemment sorti sur mon label Beating drum et disponible via les plateformes habituelles. J’ai eu le plaisir de réaliser et co-écrire cet album et je ne peux que vous le recommander chaudement :)


(c) Alexandra Reghioua

Putting an album into the world is the final step of a long and intense process.
Emilie Hanak (aka Yelli Yelli) first contacted me nearly two years ago to suggest that we work together on an idea she had for an album. Initially Emilie saw the project as an album of covers and of songs from Kabylie that her mother would play at home and that she’d grew up listening to. After an initial session together, we decided that it would be more interesting to write new material and from that moment on the album became a collaboration from the writing of the songs to their recorded performance.
I started up Beating drum not only to have total freedom of expression in my music but also to be able to launch other projects into the world. I’m very proud of this album and of all the work Emi and I put into it. I feel that Yelli Yelli’s voice is an important one today and that her songs are a timely reminder, in a delicate and strained moment in our history in Europe, of where many of us come from and of the long and arduous road our ancestors travelled in order to find a home. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it!

Mettre un album au monde est la dernière étape d’un parcours long et intense.
Il y a environ deux ans, Emilie Hanak (aka Yelli Yelli) m’a contacté pour la première fois, dans l’idée de travailler avec moi sur un projet de reprises de chansons kabyles qui avaient bercé son enfance. Nous avons rapidement décidé qu’il serait plus intéressant d’écrire des compositions originales. A partir de ce moment, le projet est devenu une collaboration à part entière, de l’écriture des chansons à leur performance enregistrée.
J’ai lancé mon propre label Beating Drum afin d’avoir une liberté d’expression totale dans ma musique, mais aussi pour être dans une démarche de transmission et propulser d’autres projets dans le monde. Je suis très fier de cet album et de tout le travail que nous y avons investi.
En ces temps tourmentés de l’histoire de l’Europe, je pense que le propos de Yelli Yelli est important.
Ses chansons nous rappellent de façon opportune que beaucoup d’entre nous sont issus d’une lignée d’ancêtres dont la route a été longue et ardue avant de trouver un foyer. J’espère que vous aimerez écouter ce disque à la mesure du plaisir que j’ai eu à le faire !


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Listen to Yelli Yelli’s new songs

Have a listen to these songs from YELLI YELLI from her forthcoming album Terre de mon poème which I co-wrote and produced, out March 4th on my label Beating Drum.

Ecoutez ces nouvelles chansons de YELLI YELLI, extraite de son nouvel album Terre de mon poème que j’ai co-ecrit et réalisé, à paraitre le 4 Mars prochain sur mon label Beating Drum.

Desert Songs (EP) is out !

I made this EP with the very talented Dawn Landes, I’m excited about it and I hope you’ll like it too!
Desert Songs is available via the usual means, iTunes, Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer etc. and on vinyl via our shop.

02Piers Faccini x Dawn Landes - Dimitri Djuric

Photo by Dimitri Djuric

Desert Songs is out in Europe on my label Beating Drum and in North America on Six Degrees, in digital format as well as on limited edition 12” vinyl.




photo by Mr. Cup

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New Song: “Heaven’s Gate”

Have a listen to the song “Heaven’s Gate” from my duo with Dawn Landes taken from Desert Songs, the EP we recorded together, out on January 16th.

Ecoutez notre chanson “Heaven’s Gate” que je chante avec Dawn Landes, tiré de notre EP collaboratif, Desert Songs, qui sort le 15 Janvier.

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Between takes whilst recording the EP, we found inspiration for the songs we were writing together by walking in the stark and beautiful mountain scenery around my studio in the Cevennes region of the south of France. Chatting as we walked, we swopped tales of desert mystics and seekers that would inspire us to write the songs for our collaborative EP. We wove the arrangements together using my collection of instruments, a Malian Kora, a 1930’s National resonator guitar, West African percussion and an Indian dulcimer and tampura.
Hope you’ll enjoy the record !


Desert Songs out on January 15th via Beating Drum in Europe and via Six Degrees in America.
It will be released digitally as well as on limited edition 12” vinyl


01 Heaven’s Gate
02 We Come and Go
03 Book of Dreams
04 Crying Out Loud
05 I Hear a Calling


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For Paris…


Paris cité de lumières , je t’aime, brille pour nous.
Brille à la mémoire de ceux qui ont perdu la vie.
Brille pour ceux qui ont été blessés et pour leurs proches.
Brille pour nous contre l’obscurité et la terreur.