Two grains of sand

Two grains of sand – Album
Release on April 06, 2009
Format: CD, LP, Digital
Tôt Ou Tard

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1 Two grains of sand
2 The wind that blows
3 Your name no more
4 To see is to believe
5 Who loves the shade
6 Home away from home
7 A storm is going to come
8 Time of nought
9 Save a place for me
10 The dust in our eyes
11 Strangers
12 My burden is light

Tearing sky

Tearing sky – Album
Feb. 2006
Format: CD / LP / Digital
Label Bleu / Because Music

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1 Each Wave That Breaks (feat. Ben Harper)
2 Sharpening Bone
3 At the Window of the World
4 If I
5 Days Like These
6 Fire In My Head
7 Come the Harvest
8 Midnight Rolling
9 Talk to Her
10 Uncover My Eyes
11 The Taste of the Tears
12 The Road’s Not Long
13 Sons and Daughters
14 Walk Over to You
15 Master of War (feat. Ben Harper)