#1: Please Please Please let me get what I want

The first song in the series takes me back to my teens and the band I and so many others in the U.K fell in love with, The Smiths. In my first ever band when I was fifteen we used to play half our own songs and half Smiths tunes.
So starting with this song is a way to build some kind of story together in the series about the various influences that I have. I’ll leave you to guess which other artists I’ll cover later! Continue Reading →

# 11: Broken Butterflies

There are some voices that are incapable of telling lies. They shine like mirrors before the soul, their beauty is in their nakedness, their honesty and their vulnerability. They draw us in like magnets. Like candle wax any resistance melts into the flame. Continue Reading →

#10: Cammina Cammina

In the series of songs I’ve chosen to cover so far, I’ve concentrated on songs sung in the English language. For the next edition I wanted to try my hand at singing  in tongues other than my own native language. Continue Reading →