Un monde sans humains – 2012

To accompany this film by Philippe Borrel which describes the slow and often pernicious robotisation of the world we live in, I wanted the music to have a repetitive, robotic feel underscored by a kind of quiet melancholy to offset the brave new world of technology shown in the film. All the instruments in the pieces are played on real instruments but I wanted to ape the kind of feel more associated with ambient or electronic music.

Playlist vol10

Pärt Da Pacem Domine – Paul Hillier
Scarlet Town – Gillian Welch
Le dattier Mehboula – Moudou Ould Mattalla
America – Bill Callahan
The Queen Of Hearts – Martin Carthy
Dur Masha – Aqnazar
England – PJ Harvey
Chay Bijan – Shahram Nazeri

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Playlist vol9

I Have no Time – Bert jansch
Little Green – Joni Mitchell
Regret – A Kader Barry – Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal
No One Stands Alone – Blue Murder
On Coming From A Broken Home – Gil Scott-Heron
Yaday – Kamilya Jubran
Danny Boy – Kim Doo Soo
Willy O’ Winsbury – Pentangle

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Playlist vol8

The Shaskeen Road – John wright
Lost and Lookin’ – Sam Cooke
Blackwater Side – Anne Briggs
The Belfast Hornpipe – John Rea
While Gamekeeper’s Lie Sleeping – June Tabor
Little Sadie – Hedy West
Go Leave – Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Death don’t have no mercy – Reverend Gary Davis

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Playlist vol6

Gedawo -Ayalew Mesfin & Black lion band
At the Rebbe’s Table – Tim Sparks
Two Doves – Dirty Projectors
Mamaroux – Dr John
Gubelye – Mulatu Astaque
Dayha Oualabes – Boutaiba Sghir
Nenia Grika – Canzoniere Gracanico Salentino
Bello Durmiente – Chabuca Granda

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