Ela, Dom la Nena’s debut album

Ela, Dom la Nena’s debut album is out on Six Degrees, also Piers’s US label. Ela was produced by Piers and Dom, they recorded the whole album in his home studio in the hills of the Cevennes. Check out ‘No Meu Pais’ taken from the album, the video by Jeremiah.

Un monde sans humains – 2012

To accompany this film by Philippe Borrel which describes the slow and often pernicious robotisation of the world we live in, I wanted the music to have a repetitive, robotic feel underscored by a kind of quiet melancholy to offset the brave new world of technology shown in the film. All the instruments in the pieces are played on real instruments but I wanted to ape the kind of feel more associated with ambient or electronic music.

Playlist vol10

Pärt Da Pacem Domine – Paul Hillier
Scarlet Town – Gillian Welch
Le dattier Mehboula – Moudou Ould Mattalla
America – Bill Callahan
The Queen Of Hearts – Martin Carthy
Dur Masha – Aqnazar
England – PJ Harvey
Chay Bijan – Shahram Nazeri

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Playlist vol9

I Have no Time – Bert jansch
Little Green – Joni Mitchell
Regret – A Kader Barry – Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal
No One Stands Alone – Blue Murder
On Coming From A Broken Home – Gil Scott-Heron
Yaday – Kamilya Jubran
Danny Boy – Kim Doo Soo
Willy O’ Winsbury – Pentangle

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Playlist vol8

The Shaskeen Road – John wright
Lost and Lookin’ – Sam Cooke
Blackwater Side – Anne Briggs
The Belfast Hornpipe – John Rea
While Gamekeeper’s Lie Sleeping – June Tabor
Little Sadie – Hedy West
Go Leave – Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Death don’t have no mercy – Reverend Gary Davis

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