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Taken from the film A New Morning by Jeremiah & Piers Faccini (2011)
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‘A New Morning’ is a film about voice and sound. It was shot in the Cevennes, a remote region of the south of France, by Jeremiah who is a long time collaborator and friend of Piers Faccini’s. The initial idea they had was to film performances of Piers Faccini’s songs across the four seasons in a handful of Romanesque churches in the region. These churches were chosen for their extraordinary acoustic as well as for their remarkable setting, perched as they often are on remote hillsides overlooking the Cevenol mountains.

The various performances were filmed over a period of a year and four full seasons in order to provide a more appropriate context for Piers Faccini’s intimate songs rather than the usual clinical studio set up. The way in which sound delicately resonates within these churches allowed the film to focus on the more poetic aspect of Piers’s songwriting.

A performance is a living event and one which is subject to change according to the differing surroundings in which it takes place. Filming in these ancient sacred spaces allowed the environment to influence the performance and sound as much as the mood or the performer’s state of being. In this way the space influences the performance as much as the peformer. The spontaneous nature of Jeremiah’s camerawork adds to the unique and improvised nature of each take.

All these elements create an honest musical portrait and one which is enhanced by scenes shot in the family home with Piers’s wife and two sons. (review by

Night Dogs

The River (Piers Faccini, Badje Tounkara, Seb Martel) live at Africolor 2011 by Oleo Films

Each wave that breaks

Piers Faccini’s Take-away Show / Each Wave that Breaks
Directed and Edited by Jeremiah

All the love in all the world

by Fred Poulet 2004
from the album Leave No Trace (EUR) and the ep – Streets of London (US). Courtesy Everloving.

The Storm is Passing Over

Piers recorded a song with Mason Jar Music for benefit compilation album The Storm is Passing Over. There is a $5 minimum donation for the 15 tracks but all donations go directly to Occupy Sandy. Donations will help fund Occupy Sand’s continued emergency relief efforts, but also much needed long-term rebuilding projects in collaboration with the people and communities that have been affected by thr storm.

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