New MP3: “Calling On Your Shadow” to stream and download

One of the things about releasing an album every two years is a lot of songs can get left behind. I write a fair amount so a lot of the stuff I write ends up in the bin but other songs left over that I really like tend to stay unreleased as a result.

When making an album, there are undoubtedly advantages to reducing down the amount of songs one can write over a given time to an album’s length but the songs that don’t make the cut are not always the flawed ones; sometimes it’s just a case of them not fitting in with the rest.

‘Calling On Your Shadow’ is one of those songs that never made it onto an album but now that I’m free to make my own decisions about what to release and when, I decided to finish the song these days and share it with you.

I wrote the string arrangement with my old friend and band mate from Charley Marlowe, Lucas Suarez. Johan Daalgard plays the piano, Vincent Segal is on cello, Jean-Marc Apap on viola and Herve Capeller on violin. Lucas also mixed the track with Manuel Bernal.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Mr Cup meets Mr Faccini


I was recently interviewed by the designer Fabien Barral aka mr cup for his blog of which I’m also a fan. We spent the day talking about all the artwork that I’ve done over the years around my releases as well as the artwork I’m currently working on for the new album.

The blog features some great photographs taken by mr cup as I showed him the various work in my studio. The article is the most in depth piece to date covering the work I do as a visual artist to accompany my music.

Read the article here

Beating Drum Disquaire Day Release: You Never Left / Robot Theme 7″

Saturday April 20th, it’s Record Store Day and to mark the occasion I’m releasing a limited edition 7″.

I’ve been a vinyl collector since my teens spending hours and hours going through second hand records looking for rarities so I’m really happy to be participating in encouraging people to get down and support their local independent record store! So this saturday don’t forget it’s Record Store Day / Disquaire Day !

If you didn’t had a chance to get it in a record store, you can now buy the 7″ online, just click on the link below to order it:

Buy YOU NEVER LEFT / ROBOT THEME 7″ (limited edition of 300 / 6.50€)

‘You Never Left’ on side A is  very much in the same feel as the collection of songs on new album which will be out in a few months. Since I recorded ‘Two grains of sand’ in 2008  I’d been wanting to record a whole album of intimate songs and ballads, finding myself a free agent in 2012, I was finally able to put all my energy into making this project come to life by starting up my own label Beating Drum. I recorded almost all of the album by myself apart from a few days when I was joined by bassist Jules Bikoko and cellist and singer Dom la Nena. This 7” vinyl is the first release on Beating Drum. The song ‘You Never Left’ isn’t on the album but it offers a little taste of things to come.

‘Robot Theme #6’ on side B is an instrumental track from a soundtrack I wrote for the film ‘A world without humans’ by Philippe Borrel. I’ve been writing soundtracks since the late nineties mostly for documentaries and occasionally for fiction both for the BBC and Channel 4 in the U.K. I enjoy writing instrumental music although it’s a very different proposition to writing songs and this release for Record Store Day seemed a great opportunity to publish one of these more unusual tracks.


Analog Collector
Atout Livre
Calif de Belleville
Fabrique Balades Sonores
Ground Zero
Hands and Arms
Nationale 7

Confiseur Musical

Malle à Disques

Librairie Mollat
Total Heaven

Dialogues Musiques

Cook and Book


4e Dimension

Allumés du Jazz

Minor Place Records

Kraspek Myzik
Sofa Disques


Collectors Boutique


Sonic Import

Plexus Records

Librairie Ravy

Le Disquaire

Planet R

33 and Co

Croc Vinyl


Librairie Cheminant


Figures Libres

Free download of demo of Fire in my head

Until I started producing my own albums and recording them in my home studio, I used to work with a producer and record at a studio of their choice. This is how it was for the album ‘Tearing Sky’ which I made with JP Plunier in L.A in 2005. With this album as with the earlier ‘Leave No Trace’, I already had elaborate versions of the songs in demo form which I had recorded prior to making the album. I listened recently to all these demos and felt like some of them merited being released in some form or other so here’s my version of the song ‘Fire in My Head’. For those of you that know it, you’ll see the arrangement is quite different from the final more stripped down album version. Lucas Suarez the guitarist from my first band Charley Marlowe adds some of his ebow magic to the track.


Springsteen’s album ‘Nebraska’ was originally intended for use as demos of songs he intended to record with the E Street Band but he ended up releasing them in their unpolished state in 1982. This collection of songs in the form of poetic portraits of American blue collar life is a rough diamond that shines undimmed through the dust and dirt it portrays. Rarely has the voice, the writing and the performance of a songwriter been so directly put down to tape in such undiluted and untamed a manner. For this and for its raw poetry and beauty, this album is a true gem and Springsteen’s jewel in the crown.

The song ‘Statetrooper’ has an unrelenting driving energy but the guitar riff, like the protagonist in his night-drive frenzy, literally goes nowhere. It plays, unchanging from beginning to end, with only the occasional one string and one note variation in the chord. It’s pure blues, original blues, not ‘I woke up this morning’ cliche blues but the deep night-blue of Charley Patton and Bukka White and the raw trance boogie of John Lee Hooker’s very first recordings. It’s the epic black magic dance of word and rhythm, the perfect marriage of music and text. With the picture, the character and the scene set, the narrator slowly unravels under ‘the refineries glow” before he’s “delivered” up to the night “where the great black rivers flow’. Songwriting doesn’t get much better than this.

I’ve played it so many times live but recording it I wanted to slow it down slightly in order to accentuate the power of the words and build up a trance-like intensity with guitars, xylophones and a harmonium with some distant howling backing vocals thrown in for good measure.

Click here to download the track for free