eTown & Mountain Stage Sessions 2017

During our recent January tour of the US for the new album, we also played a number of live radio shows.
The highlights of those for us were Etown and Mountain Stage.

I last played Etown which is taped at the Boulder theatre in Colorado in 2007 so it was fun to go back ten years later. NPR’s Mountain Stage is recorded and played at the Cultural Center Theatre in Charleston, West Virginia and the broadcast goes out to more than 200 NPR stations across the U.S.

Download on free podcast our performance at NPR’s Mountain Stage Radio Show
including songs not heard on the broadcast. Available on iTunes and beyond:

Below are the videos of our performances at Etown:

Italia Tour

Ci vediamo li!

I Dreamed An Island Italia Tour!!

22/02 Viper Theatre, Firenze
23/02 Teatro Quirinetta, Roma
24/02 Bronson club, Ravenna
25/02 Centro di Cultura,Leguzzano…
26/02 Biko, Milano

(📷 by Laurence Buisson)

Le Pont des artistes

Je joue 5 chansons du nouvel album sur ‘Le Pont Des Artistes’ en trio avec Simone Prattico et Malik Ziad, sur le lien de l’emission, notre performance commence a 1.02m
Avant moi et sur le meme lien, vous pouvez aussi aller voir la tres belle performance de YELLI YELLI artiste de mon label Beating Drum

You Never Left

Dear Leonard Cohen

You were my one true master. As an artist and a writer, you were my example. If I can, one day, reach even a fragment of the grace that flows through your songs, I will have done enough.
I owe you a debt of gratitude for the gifts your songs have given me over the years and so to repay you in kind, I wrote you a song.
I think you would liked it but I never dared to send it you when you were still with us.
It’s called You Never Left, perhaps you would have appreciated the theme, it’s one you loved to use too; mortality and the journey of the spirit seeking Grace.
It is my song to you L.Cohen, thank you.