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As a guitarist and a songwriter I’ve been been influenced by many different styles of traditional folk music from around the world. Two of the main schools of influence through which I eventually found my own way of writing were the folk music traditions of England, Scotland and Ireland and those of West Africa, more specifically Mali. In the early nineties, I came across the music of Martin Carthy and Davey Graham at around the same time that I discovered the Malian greats, Boubacar Traore and Ali Farka Toure. As incongruous as it might be to compare the musical equivalent of a frosty winter morning on an English moor with that of sweltering afternoon on the Niger Delta, I’ve always felt there were endless points of comparison between the two worlds. I began my side project The River, with the Malian master N’goni player, Badje Tounkara and French guitarist Seb Martel in order to deepen this profoundly complementary dialogue.

Being the descendant of Italian, Irish, Ashkenazi and Gypsy immigrants, I don’t have a big claim to represent British or Irish Folk traditions any more than I do those of West Africa but what I do feel I can stake a claim to is the right to blend styles just as my blood has been blended with the trace of so many different languages. I’ve written several songs both for my own albums and for The River that explore the dialogue between northern European Folk and West African traditions but I wanted for the ongoing Vol II of Songs I love to find a cover that I could play with in the same way. Much has been made of the links between Mississippi blues and Mali but I find the ties between certain aspects of British and Irish and Malian folk to be just as strong. Martin Carthy is one of my all time favorite guitar players, I played Badje Tounkara his version of Cold haily, windy night and Badje said.”On dirait la musique de chez nous” “It sounds like music from my country”

With Kitty I’ll go is a wonderful song that I first heard sung by the extraordinary Norma Waterson. I fell in love with it when I discovered Waterson Carthy’s first album. Reading Martin Carthy’s original liner notes, I found out that it was an Irish song and that there is also a version in Gaelic. I live in the hills of the Cevennes, in a land that I left London for in order to ‘ramble over the mountains wild.’ so singing these wonderful words feels like a perfect match!

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Jenny Lysander’s LIGHTHOUSE EP out now

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Jenny Lysander’s debut EP ‘Lighthouse’ is out now!

I hope you’ll enjoy Jenny’s music as much as I do. I was drawn to her songs from the first moment I heard her demos. Behind the delicate arpeggios I heard a true and rare poetic voice and one whose words and melodies I’ve fallen in love with ever since. I’m overjoyed that Beating Drum is the first label to be publishing Jenny’s songs and I feel privileged to be taking up the role of producing and arranging her beautiful writing!


J’espère que vous allez apprécier la musique de Jenny autant que moi. J’ai été captivé par ses chansons à la minute où j’ai découvert ses démos. Au-delà des arpèges délicats, j’ai reconnu la poésie rare d’une voix authentique, dont les mots et les mélodies ont agi sur moi comme un coup de foudre. Je suis ravi que Beating Drum soit le premier label à publier les chansons de Jenny et c’est pour moi un privilège d’arranger et de produire cette si belle écriture!




Jenny Lysander was born in 1993 and has been writing songs and playing the guitar since the age of thirteen. She currently lives in Stockholm, where between travelling and playing, is studying Chinese philosophy. Jenny’s music has an eerie other worldliness to it, her songs like the bare Nordic shores that she hails from, depict the cold blue horizons of unknown internal landscapes, where a winter sun rises briefly before setting once more. Melancholy and delicate, they breathe nonetheless the hope and courage that comes from staring a hard truth in the eyes.


Née en 1993, Jenny Lysander écrit des chansons et joue de la guitare depuis l’âge de 13 ans. Elle vit actuellement à Stockholm, où elle partage son temps entre la musique, l’étude de la philosophie chinoise, et les voyages. L’univers musical de Jenny est à la fois mystérieux et sophistiqué. A l’instar des côtes Nordiques dénudées de ses origines, ses chansons décrivent l’horizon bleu et froid de paysages intérieurs où un soleil d’hiver passe rapidement avant de disparaître à nouveau. Cette délicate mélancolie respire néanmoins l’espoir et le courage que l’on ressent à regarder la vérité nue au fond des yeux.



You can purchase the EP on iTunesAmazonMP3GooglePlayQobuz etc., or stream it via Spotify or Deezer, but if you’re more about physical you should check out on our shop for the lovely collector object we’ve designed…


It’s an original sleeve designed by Olivier Carrie using colorplan white frost paper. The packaging and design was inspired by a Factory Records release in the early 80’s.
The whole package will be sent out in customized Kraft envelope with an original Beating Drum printed seal. It also comes with an original short story written by Jenny Lysander.
The purchase of the CD includes the instant download of the full 4-track EP in high quality MP3. We ship worldwide and fast!



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New Video: Jenny Lysander “Dancing on the edge”

Jenny Lysander is the first artist to have signed to my label Beating Drum so I’m really excited to be introducing her beautiful songs to you!
Her debut EP ‘Lighthouse’ will be out very soon on the 26th May but until then take a look and listen to her song ‘Dancing on the edge’ taken from the EP we made together.
I filmed the little video on an iPhone while we were recording. Enjoy!

We need your help with sharing exciting news from Beating Drum: Jenny’s debut EP will be released very soon, on Monday May 26, start spreading the word!

It will be available on all the streaming and download services such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer etc. The CD version is already up for pre-order on our direct shop with the song “Dancing on the Edge” sent as an instant donwload.

For Jenny’s EP, our in house designer Uncle O made an original sleeve exclusively for Beating Drum using Colorplan White Frost 350g English paper. The packaging and design was inspired by a Factory Records 7″ release in the early 80’s. The whole package will be sent out in a customized Kraft envelope with an original Beating Drum printed seal. The EP also comes with an original short story written by Jenny Lysander.

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Also don’t forget to keep sharing the ‘Dancing on the Edge’ video on Twitter, Facebook etc. Here at Beating Drum we are trying to make some noise for this young and talented artist and we would love your help in doing that!

Lastly, Jenny is on Facebook and Twitter, she doesn’t yet have a lot of followers because she is a newcomer… so please join her pages and don’t hesitate to start up a conversation with her should the mood strike you!

Thanks for your support

DISQUAIRE DAY 2014 : 7 inch – Double A Side Piers Faccini / Jenny Lysander

Vinyl lovers out there, I’m very happy to tell you that we’ve made an exclusive 7 inch for Record Store Day on the 19th April: It’s a Double A side with a new song that I wrote especially for the occasion and on the other side a song by Beating Drum’s newest signing Jenny Lysander.

There are 300 copies only, with beautiful artwork and design by my partner in all things design, Uncle O.

The vinyl will be available in France in selected independent record shops but for those of you abroad or not near a record store, you’ll be able to order it on our own online store from monday 21st.

No MP3 will be available for this one!

Check the pictures by Mr Cup, and read below the Beating Drum announcement:








Beating Drum will be joining the legions of labels around the world celebrating Record Store Day on the 19th April by releasing a limited edition 7” vinyl.

For the occasion, we’re putting out a double A side 7” of Beating Drum’s two artists, Piers Faccini and Jenny Lysander. The vinyl will be available in France at local record stores or online at the Beating Drum Shop.

The record features a song by Piers Faccini and one by Jenny Lysander, stripped down, poetic and intimate, this 7” along with its beautiful cover artwork has everything music lovers have come to appreciate from Beating Drum releases.

This Spring, Beating Drum will also be releasing Jenny Lysander’s debut EP, ‘Lighthouse’ produced by Piers Faccini. Piers’s attention was first drawn to Jenny’s voice when he came across a cover that she had posted on youtube of one of his songs ‘Time of Nought’. They later met at one of Piers’s concerts in London where the twenty one year old Swedish songwriter gave him a copy of some of her demos. After hearing her songs, Piers invited her to come and record at his studio in the south of France, the recordings bring together Jenny’s delicate and poetic songs with Piers’s subtle and complimentary arrangements and production.

Whilst the EP will feature the more produced songs that Jenny and Piers worked on in the summer of 2013, the 7” for Record Store Day highlights Jenny’s pure and stripped down songwriting talent.

The vinyl will be available in France in selected independent record shops but for those of you abroad or not near a record store, you’ll be able to order it on our own online store: from monday 21st.


A l’occasion du Disquaire Day 2014, Beating Drum sort un 45 tours tiré à 300 exemplaires.

L’objet réunira une chanson de Piers Faccini sur une face et sur l’autre, une chanson de la jeune songwriter Suédoise Jenny Lysander, la nouvelle signature du label.

Pour marquer l’événement, le label de Piers Faccini, Beating Drum a choisi de sortir deux chansons à l’esthétique éclectique de sa maison. Deux chansons au timbre pur et minimaliste d’un songwriting essentiel et poétique, une voix, une guitare avec un texte porté au vent d’une douce mélodie. Suite au succès critique de son dernier album Piers Faccini, d’une voix feutrée murmurant à l’oreille, nous révèle une nouvelle petite perle, ‘Her Name’ dans le style intimiste qui est devenu le sien au fil des années.

Beating Drum sortira ce printemps le premier EP ‘Lighthouse’ de Jenny Lysander, réalisé par Piers Faccini. Piers a découvert la jeune songwriter Suédoise de vingt et un ans par une vidéo qu’elle avait postée, la reprise d’une de ses chansons ‘Time of Nought’. Par la suite, ils se sont rencontrés lors d’un concert de Piers à Londres où Jenny lui a donné un cd de démos de ses chansons. Piers a invité Jenny à venir enregistrer dans son studio dans les Cévennes. L’EP est tiré de cette première rencontre. Réalisateur et arrangeur des quatre chansons choisies ensemble, Piers Faccini habille le songwriting épuré de sa jeune protégée avec des teintes de clair-obscur sur un fond lumineux de cordes et de voix.

En avant première de cet EP de quatre chansons enregistrées fin 2013, la chanson sur la face AA du 45 tours ‘Memento Mori’ est un exemple du talent prodigieux de la jeune Suédoise découverte par Piers Faccini. Contrairement à l’EP qui contiendra des chansons produites er arrangées, la chanson ‘Memento Mori’ pour la sortie Disquaire Day est un exemple de son songwriting, du type diamant à l’état brut.

Le vinyle sera disponible en France chez certains disquaires indépendants ou sinon à partir du lundi 21 Avril en ligne sur notre shop

7” vinyl, limited edition of 300. Double A side

Piers Faccini – Her Name
Jenny Lysander – Memento Mori