Jenny Lysander’s new video for “Blackbird”

You know how I love using hand-made animation in music videos ? I made a bunch myself for my last album that you may remember
How about you take 5m out of your day to look at this beautifully drawn and animated video by Ana Tortos who we commissioned for Jenny Lysander’s song “Blackbird”?

The song is taken from her debut album Northern Folk out April the 27th, via my label Beating Drum.

Record Store Day 2015


On April the 18th and exclusively for Record Store Day, my label Beating Drum will be releasing four new songs in a limited edition 12″ vinyl with album artwork that I made using lino-cut prints.

01. Whistling Wind
02. Nightwalker
03. How I Weep
04. Blood River

This limited edition 12 inch vinyl features four original compositions recorded especially for Record Store Day. Inspired by the different traditions of work songs worldwide, the songs recreate the call of voices rising in unison to the beat of a hammer or to the syncopated grinding of grain on the threshing floor. In work songs rhythm is the hand clap that keeps time to the crash of an axe or the thud of a pestle on a stone mortar. Inspired as much by Southern Mediterranean vocal traditions as those of African American origins, these four new compositions showcase Faccini’s customary and original music without frontiers.
Released on Beating Drum, artwork for the 12 inch was made using original lino cuts by Piers Faccini.

Ce vinyle 12 inch en édition limitée présente 4 compositions originales inspirées par la tradition du chant de travail. Sur le chantier ou l’aire de battage, le chant règle une cadence. Partout les voix syncopées collent au rythme des outils, de l’effort, d’un battement : c’est la frappe des mains au rythme des coups de hache, le bruit mat du pilon sur la pierre d’un mortier… Résonnant des traditions vocales des origines Afro-Américaines et du Sud Méditerranéen, les 4 titres inédits de Work Songs éclairent d’un jour nouveau la musique originale et sans frontières qui est la touche de Piers Faccini.
Une réalisation du label Beating Drum. L’artwork du 12 inch est réalisé à partir d’estampes originales par Piers Faccini.

Meet Jenny Lysander

Jenny Lysander’s debut album “Northern Folk” will be released on our label Beating Drum on the 27th April, and is already available on Pre-order here with 2 songs as instant grat download.

I produced and arranged the album and we recorded it together last summer in my studio in the Cevennes. I’m really proud of the work we did on this record, Jenny has a unique and true songwriter’s voice and her record is a little gem!!

Jenny Lysander, 21 year old Swedish folk prodigy releases her first album “Northern Folk” on the 27th April. The album was produced and arranged by Piers Faccini and recorded over two sessions in the summer months of 2014. Hidden away in the Mediterranean landscape, deep in the woods, far from the noise and interference of any city, Faccini’s rural studio became the perfect setting for recording Jenny Lysander’s delicate songs. Timeless and unique as Lysander’s music is, of today’s songwriters, Jenny Lysander’s profound and poetic voice bears some comparison to Laura Marling, whose own recording career also began at an early age and with a style that defied simple categorization.
“Lysander echoes the same understated beauty as folk music greats like Nick Drake and Fairport Convention, with a modern tint that draws comparison to Agnes Obel and Ane Brun.” (Drunken Werewolf)

Preview the first single “Northern Folk”:


Pre-order Now And Get Instantly 2 Songs:
“Black Bird” & “Northern Folk”

CD and Digital are out on April 27th – Vinyl estimated shipping date is June 15th, but purchasers will receive the full album in MP3 on April 27th

Pre-order on Beating Drum Shop
Pre-order on iTunes

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I recently published a limited edition Art book, it sold out in 48h which was fantastic. However a lot of people wrote to me afterwards via facebook or twitter to ask me if any copies were still available, because those people unlike the other fans, hadn’t joined my newsletter and therefore had got the news too late. It made me realise how valuable it is to be able to share stuff with people via email instead of relyîng on social networks where posts are often missed in people’s busy news feeds.
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Discover my limited edition handmade book: I Called Out To The Darkness

book header

[Update March 10th] Our hand made and limited edition book ‘I Called Out To The Darkness’ is already sold out!
We are so happy that there was such a fantastic response to the book. With our label Beating Drum, we want to create objects that bridge Art and writing as well as making beautiful and innovative music so a thousand thank you to all those of you who answered the call. It inspires us to keep working and experimenting

I’ve always had a passion for conceiving and making the artwork to illustrate the albums I’ve made down the years. I love the process of dreaming up images that will accompany a set of songs and although I have more of a painter’s eye, the graphic necessities of what constitutes good album artwork pushed me to explore other techniques than paint and brush. Back in 2010 while working on the album My Wilderness, I started cutting up maps and making self-portraits for the album cover and that was how my work made with the cut of a blade began. More cut ups followed in 2013 with the artwork for the album Between Dogs and Wolves as well as for the portraits of the book Songs I Love.

Starting up the label Beating Drum was a way for me to explore another way of producing objects and artwork around the music I release. Those of you who’ve bought our releases have seen the love and care that goes into what we produce and your countless messages of thanks are very gratifying for me to read, after all ours is a passion shared. The long introduction aside, I want to tell you about a wonderful project that we’ve recently put together as I think it will interest those of you who are as passionate about Art as we are.

I recently started collaborating with artist and designer Estelle Jauneaud. Like me, Estelle has a great love for cutting, creating and designing with paper. Some of you may have seen the video we made together entirely using hand cut paper, “Missing Words“.
Over the last couple of months we’ve been working together on a beautiful little Art book, illustrating a poem I wrote, I Called Out To The Darkness. Chatting and swapping ideas together, Estelle introduced me to other ways of working with paper. Although I can happily spend hours cutting up tiny bits of paper, Estelle showed me some of her own work using laser cutting technology where the laser cuts with a detail that no human hand could dream of making.
And that was how was this book was born, I’m very keen to show it to you and I’m eager and curious to know whether enough of you will buy it, to know whether this is something I can keep mailing and proposing to you. I look forward to finding out but in the meantime, my friend Fabien Barral aka Mr Cuphas taken some wonderful photographs of the book for you to see.

We made a limited 1st edition of 50 books, each one is signed and numbered.
You can purchase it HERE













Handmade book by Piers Faccini and Estelle Jauneaud
Dimensions: width 158 mm Height 108mm
Fine art paper by gf smith: Accent Antique Silk
150gsm, Peregrina Majestic Real Silver (150gsm )
Cover: Plike dark Blue 300 gsm
Technique : Laser cutting, digital printing, handmade binding by Sundial Bookbinders
PRICE: 40€