VIDEO: Hope Dreams Live Acoustic

I had the joy of singing in Paris in the wonderful Art Nouveau church of St Jean de Montmartre.
With Anne Gouverneur on violin and Maeva le Berre on cello, we sang and played songs from my recent ep Hear My Voice as well as many old favourites.
The concert was entirely acoustic with no mics nor sound system. With our voices and instruments resonating to the full within the beautiful acoustics and with such a beautiful quality of silence, the two nights were truly unforgettable.
Although I generally prefer that no trace remains of the concert outside of our memory of it and that’s the beauty of a totally acoustic show, I still wanted to share a little fragment of the concert with you.

In order to give you some sense of the acoustics and of the nature of playing without amplification, we just placed one single omni directional microphone on the ground in front of us to capture the performance.

If you have headphones, put them on and dive in to the sound and enjoy!

Vidéo by Tim Hilst


Good news folks! I’m happy to tell you all that I’ll be releasing a new album later this year, it’ll be my 7th solo record.

The album is called Shapes of the Fall

I’ll be telling you more about it soon, right now I’m still busy finishing up the writing of the new songs but I’ll keep you posted as we head into the studio to record!

Et j’ai le grand plaisir de vous annoncer une belle date parisienne le 16 novembre 2020 au Trianon pour célébrer la sortie de mon septième album en automne prochain, Shapes of the Fall

La billetterie est déjà ouverte: FNAC SPECTACLES

Could Have Been You (Music Video)

My new music video for “Could have been you” from the new EP Hear My Voice

Directed by the great Jeremiah and myself

Hear my voice Ep is available HERE


My new EP is out today!

In 2018, I came up with the idea of releasing an EP vinyl series for my label, Beating Drum, in order to champion the kind of eclectic and talented artists the label meets and seeks out for their productions.

The EP collection called, HEAR MY VOICE, began with three distinct and original voices from around the world, the Neapolitan songwriter, GNUT, New Zealand songstress, TUi MAMAKI and the Trinidadian poet and singer, Roger Robinson under his Folk alias, HORSEDREAMER.

For the fourth EP in the collection and wishing to highlight the series more, I decided to release one of my own. For these four new songs, I found inspiration in the kind of British and North American folk that coloured my very first forays into songwriting and although I played and recorded most of the songs by myself, I was lucky to have the amazing American drummer Ken Coomer on two of the songs as well as my long time collaborator Lucas Suarez write beautiful string arrangements.

You can order the vinyl (100 first copies are signed) HERE
Stream the EP on Spotify, Apple, Deezer etc. HERE

To get the full 4x EP Hear My Voice collection, it’s HERE

Hope Dreams

Here’s my new song Hope Dreams, enjoy!!
The video was drawn entirely by hand.

Hope Dreams is the first single taken from my Ep, Hear My Voice, out November 15th.

You can also pre-order the limited edition vinyl ep on my label, Beating Drum’s bandcamp page and for those of you interested in supporting the label, check out our new subscription!

Just go there for more informations:


This summer, I’ll be leading a four day songwriting workshop in the beautiful setting and acoustics of the Romanesque church of St Jean de Bueges in the south of France near my home.

Having received a huge amount of applications, the workshop, open to singer-songwriters and songwriters with experience in lyric writing and/or song composition is now full up. To hear about future songwriting workshops that I’ll be leading, you can sign up to my newsletter.