HEAR MY VOICE – EP #5 by Oriane Lacaille

New EP from the collection Hear My Voice out !

In 2018, I came up with the idea of releasing an EP vinyl series for my label, Beating Drum, in order to champion the kind of eclectic and talented artists the label meets and seeks out for their productions.

The EP collection called, HEAR MY VOICE, began with three distinct and original voices from around the world, the Neapolitan songwriter, GNUT, New Zealand songstress, TUi MAMAKI and the Trinidadian poet and singer, Roger Robinson under his Folk alias, HORSEDREAMER. In November 2019, for the fourth EP in the collection, wishing to highlight the series more, I decided to release one of my own.

Today, ORIANE LACAILLE, the French singer and percussionist whose origins are from the island of La Réunion, releases the fifth jewel in the series!

The vinyl and digital release, #5 in the limited edition series, Hear My Voice, is out on Beating Drum on April the 15th.

You can order the vinyl HERE
Stream the EP on Spotify, Apple, Deezer etc. HERE

About Oriane Lacaille:

Oriane Lacaille was born into an intensely musical family and growing up, her father René Lacaille, one of the great musicians from the island of La Réunion, always made sure that music rang out from all corners of the house. Oriane defines herself as Zoréol, half creole and on her mother’s side, half metropolitan French. She began accompanying her father and touring all over the world from the age of 13, playing live from such an early age, the stage has long been as familiar as home to her. In her twenties, she formed the band Titi Zara and more recently Bonbon Voudou.

Now in her early thirties, Hear My Voice ep is her first release under her own name and the perfect moment for her originality and skill as a singer songwriter in her own right, to be championed by Faccini’s eclectic independent label, Beating Drum.

Oriane met Piers Faccini in 2019 in La Réunion for a tour with her father and cellist Vincent Segal. They connected straight away and on their return to the mainland, their friendship blossomed as they began collaborating. Oriane sending demos of her new songs, recording her voice with some bare percussion and a ukulele while multi instrumentalist Faccini proposed arrangements and compositional ideas. Having sent the demos back and forth to each other for several months, the next step saw Oriane come to Piers’s studio, together blending tradition Réunion percussion instruments like the Kayamb or Koulins with guembri, aouisha and guitars, lthey recorded, sang and played the four songs on the album.

To get the full 5x EP Hear My Voice collection, it’s HERE


Le 7 et 8 Mai à l’abbaye du Thoronet dans le Var, se déroulera la 1ere édition d’un nouveau festival, “Les Voix de l’Autre“, dont j’ai l’honneur d’être le directeur artistique.

On retrouvera à mes côtés, des artistes extraordinaires comme CGS Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, Vox Clamantis, Christine Zayed, Malik Ziad, Djene Kouyate, Kawthar Meziti, Lucie Antunes, Cyril Dion, Rachida Brakni, Charles Berling.

Je vous attends avec impatience pour célébrer ce nouveau festival au Thoronet, l’une des plus belles abbayes de France.

Infos et réservations : https://lesvoixdelautre.fr/

Concert @ La Cigale, Paris 02/16/22

Les souvenirs et l’énergie restent bien au chaud de ce très beau moment partagé à La Cigale.
Merci encore de nous avoir accompagné le long de ce voyage et merci à mes amis et mon groupe d’incroyables musiciens Simone Prattico, Malik Ziad, Severine Morfin, Juliette Serrad , ainsi que mes magnifiques special guests Karim Ziad, Yelli Yelli, Oriane Lacaille et Mehdi Nassouli.

Photo: Marco Dos Santos

La tournée continue, toutes les dates ICI

Firefly (Music Video)

I have a new video out for the song Firefly, combining stop motion animation that I made with beautiful footage shot and edited by my friend Dounia Jauneaud.

Firefly is from my last album Shapes of the Fall out everywhere.