Horsedreamer​ (Roger Robinson & me) the story of two renegade cowboys wandering the desert and its badlands atmosphere is a great project to animate.
I had a lot of fun working on it, I’m not a professional animator, I have no gear and I’m very limited technically in terms of cameras or software. In fact, I pushed the whole ‘poverty of means’ thing to the max as my only tools were watercolours, A4 paper and a standard Canon scanner. The video was even edited on imovie, a more hand made film than this would be hard to find!

photo 1

For the ep Bolder, we have also produced a special 20 page comic book with illustrations by me and a text by Roger Robinson. Telling the enigmatic story of two renegade wanderers in the badlands of an imaginary central american wasteland, the beautifully printed and poetic comic book provides the perfect backdrop for Horsedreamer’s haunting tales. The object is available on the Beating Drum shop only and sold together with a download of the four tracks from the ep.

Check out the photos by Mr. Cup:


Get it here:

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