New EP ‘Of Dogs & Wolves’ !

Four new songs, written on the same theme as the last album “Between Dogs and Wolves”!

When making an album, I tend to write a lot of songs that I gradually whittle down until i have the right combination of colour and mood to tell a story over the length of a whole record. But inevitably some good songs are discarded , not because I don’t rate them but simply because they don’t fit inTo the final whole. I started writing songs for what would later become Between Dogs and Wolves while I was still recording the album My Wilderness. I’d dreamed of making an album of intimate songs from beginning to end for some time and so had begun putting songs aside for that project even while making the previous album. The two songs, Grace and Favour and To Lose Yourself, as well as the instrumental piece The Fold, date back to the first attempts at recording songs for 2013’s Between Dogs and Wolves. Although they didn’t make the final cut, these songs were instrumental in helping me develop the aesthetic that I later found for the album. For these recordings I was accompanied by my old friend Rodrigo D’Erasmo on violin.

When I first begun playing songs live from the new album, I realised that because of the heightened intimacy of these songs, I needed something that would work as a kind of way in to the music at the beginning of the concert, like a piece that would help tune the audience’s energy and attention into the right frequency. That’s how Wait by the Water was born, I normally play it by myself but for the recording that you’ll hear on the EP, I had the luck of having another great violinist friend of mine join me, the Tunisian virtuoso Jasser Haj Youssef.

This is the story behind ‘Of Dogs and Wolves’ I very much hope you will enjoy these songs.

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