New Song: Wait By The Water (with Jasser Haj Youssef)

Have a listen to the song ‘Wait by the Water’ recorded recently at the theatre de l’Athenee in Paris with my friend, the gifted violinist Jasser Haj Youssef. Listen to how Jasser plays his viole d’amour, trust me it’ll bring light into your wintry day!

Those of you who have come to a show over the last few months will have noticed that I start the concert with an a cappella song.
I wrote it after having finished the album with the live show in mind. I wanted to sing something that would work as a way of tuning ourselves into the right frequency in order to listen to quiet and intimate music.
My new album is like a kind of suite of very quiet meditations on the nature of love, desire, memory and self, the songs are so soft that like words quietly spoken, they can be missed altogether. At the beginning of the show, I sing ‘Wait by the water’ to help me and the audience set the right mood for the songs to be heard, for the experience to be shared. This song helps me filter out the noise, singing it allows me to hear with greater clarity and play with the right intensity. It works in the same way with an audience’s attention.

Music is a conversation between the notes and the silence that breathes between them. It’s also a conversation between those that play it and those that listen. A conversation becomes a dialogue when listening and talking, hearing and responding are perfectly balanced.
I’ve had the great fortune of playing with some extraordinary musicians in my life and Jasser Haj Youssef is one of them, a truly rare musician who knows the precious art of dialogue in music.
We’ve played a number of times together and each time is a gift to me. I’m looking forward to collaborating further with Jasser in the coming year.

I’m so glad this performance was captured and I’m very glad to share it with you!

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