Discover “Broken Mirror” from the new album

‘Broken mirror’ is about not seeing one’s self clearly as if I was seeing myself in multiple broken fragments of broken mirrors. The song is about seeing something and then missing it again, over and over. In contrast, I wanted the chorus to offset that with an intense and emotional plea “I know that I’ve never been apart from you.” 
I wanted to set a premise lyrically in the verse, like a bow that’s tightened, and then with the chorus you release the tension, and the arrow is released. 
Musically, there’s really strong inspiration of British folk music in this song. Songs that have been written way before the age of the modern songwriter, not knowing who the songs were written by, old songs… 


I was only a tide apart
Only as close as fingers touch
I was only an age away
Only as near as tongues can taste

But the whole plane shattered for me
Gone with every little thing I see
I know that i’ve never been apart from you
And I know that i’ve never been apart from you

I was only a wing apart
Only as pressed as arms can hold
I was only one breeze north
Only as joined as limbs can take

You were only a whisper down
Only as far as pleasure breaks
You were only the crying gone
Only as high as voices reach

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