Between Dogs and Wolves is out

At last the new album is out, released on my own label, Beating Drum. This album is my most personal to date. I was able to make it entirely as I’ve always dreamed of making an album, writing and recording, surrounded by my favourite instruments, alone in my studio in the hills in the south of France. Not only was I able to carefully take all the numerous decisions needed in making the record, I’ve followed its journey from beginning to end all the way from how you’ll find it on the shelf in the record store, to how it appears on your screens.

As I’ve always done with my music, I made the album artwork but this time, I took it one step further making videos for three of the songs, all based on the same theme of cut out paper silhouettes that can be seen on the album cover. With the freedom of having my own label, I was able to tailor the different physical objects around the music I make, the album can be found in vinyl, cd, digital or in a package containing the numbered and signed limited edition book/cd Songs I Love.

For those of you are interested in following the new independent business model artist-run labels present, there’s the choice of buying it directly from my shop. Although this would be my ideal option, not wanting to restrict sales to the artist-fan model only, the album is also available in all of the usual distribution channels in Europe and North and South America like iTunes, Fnac and the various online music services.

With this new record and my label, a new adventure begins, I hope you’ll share the road with me and enjoy the new album as much as I enjoyed making it.






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