Songs I love, the book


Many of you are aware of this project already as you’ve been faithfully downloading the covers that I’ve recorded and posted over the last three years. The idea behind ‘Songs I Love’ began as a way to interact with the people that follow my music on a level that wasn’t purely reliant on an album release, I began giving away a cover every two months or so back in 2010 and with it I would post the story behind my choice of song.

Back in the days when I was signed and before I started my own label Beating Drum, I found it frustrating that the only object I could propose was an album of around twelve songs every two or three years. Being free now to make the creative decisions around what kind of object to make, I wanted to propose something a little different using the seventeen songs that I’ve recorded so far for this cover series.

I’m convinced that music lovers around the world are hungry for new and exciting ways to present music. With downloading and streaming and fewer people buying songs in any kind of physical form, I wanted to push the boat out with my label Beating Drum and present music in an original and beautiful package that brings music, Art and writing together in one object. Using cut-up paper, I painstakingly made portraits of all the songwriters that I’ve covered in the series and for the book I edited the original text that I’d presented with each download from my website, making the text worthy of the kind of beautiful object that we wanted to present. Because many of you already have the covers as mp3 downloads, I wanted to make sure for those of you that buy the book, that the music would be treated with the same level of care and love as the book and images. I worked back into the original mixes to improve them and the songs were then mastered by Francois Fanelli.




The book was designed by Olivier Carrie aka Uncle O who I’ve been working with since the album Two Grains of Sand, I provided the artwork and images and he came up with the design concept and typeface with which to put it all together. Because words are not enough to describe all things visual, I asked my friend Mr Cup to take some photos of the book/cd so that you can see for yourselves what kind of love and attention to detail that we’ve given our little red book!



On my shop, you will find that we’ve presented the book either on its own or in a package with the new album ‘Between Dogs & Wolves’. The book can be bought with the cd version of the album or with our beautiful gatefold vinyl version of the album which also contains a cd inside. I really hope you will love this book/cd as much as we loved making it, your feedback on this will also help me determine for the future, what kind of other exciting objects we can invent the next time we bring music to you!






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  1. Valérie 26 August 2013 at 5 h 20 min #

    Bravo Piers et merci a Jean Pierre de m’avoir fait connaitre cet artiste…

  2. borenstein 5 July 2014 at 17 h 34 min #

    j’adore toutes ces chansons et ma mémoire me dit d’où et de qui elles viennent . J’aurais aimé savoir qui sont ces musiciens et chanteurs qi accompagnent si bien Piers Faccini. J’ai par ailleurs 2 superbes chansons avec Camille . un vrai plaisir . Merci . Michel Borenstein

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