Between Dogs And Wolves


Between Dogs And Wolves
Release on Sept 23, 2013
Formats: CD / Vinyl / MP3 / Bundle with Songs I love collector book
Beating Drum

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01. Black Rose
02. Broken Mirror
03. Missing Words
04. Feather Light
05. Wide Shut Eyes
06. Reste la Maree
07. Pieces of Ourselves
08. Girl in The Corner
09. Il Cammino
10. Like Water Like Stone


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“En cinq albums, il a construit un oeuvre (au masculin) parmi les plus passionnants de notre époque.” Francois-Xavier Gomez, Liberation, France

“Piers Faccini stands with a group of singers who know how to give a soft voice force. Nick Drake set the mold for this approach, laying naked vocals over hushed and hallowed guitar arpeggios. Like Nick Drake’s, Faccini’s music has a wintry starkness, captured in low light, his breathy voice speaks of equal eroticism and romance.” Jim Farber, New York Daily News

“Une voix d’une puissante douceur sur des mélodies tout en clair-obscur, entre chien et loup. Jamais l’Anglo-Italien ne s’est fait plus intimiste.” Francois Gorin, Telerama, France (5 clés Télérama et dans le classement des 5 meilleurs disques Rock/Folk de l’année.)

“His work often echoes and continues the tradition of the pastoral folk noir pioneered by Nick Drake and Roy Harper, yet Faccini infuses it all with a dose of modernity that is vital but never intrusive; these songs are stunning and would easily hold their own in more stripped-down arrangements, but each delicate ingredient adds up to one of the year’s most beautiful albums, filled with an intimacy and sensuality often imitated yet seldom delivered so successfully and effortlessly.” Other Music, NYC

“Effluves folk d’Italie, de France et d’Angleterre, il mérite d’être porté aux nues pour tout le bien qu’il fait à notre âme!” François Colinet, RTBF

“Faccini evokes comparison to some of the best names in folk and alt-folk with this lean but poetic self-released album. A perfect LP to curl up with this winter.” London 24, UK

“L’eclettismo mostrato nei dischi precedenti non ha fatto dimenticare che l’essenzialità può essere un valore inestimabile per l’autore anglo – italiano. E queste 10 “canzoni da una stanza” ce lo restituiscono in tutta l’immediatezza e sincerità di un arpeggio di chitarra in minore o di un pianoforte che distilla note per abbracciare il silenzio.” Michele Chisena, La Repubblica, Italy

“Ces chansons du crépuscule – entre chien(s) et loup(s) – sont en réalité de petites pièces délicates auxquelles le guitariste, tel un peintre, superpose des couleurs à coups d’instruments aussi divers que discrets en laissant flotter à la surface cette voix qu’il a douce et caressante.. Le résultat est fascinant, comme une conversation intime, trop rare, entre l’artiste et l’auditeur.” Alain de Repentigny, La Presse, Canada

“Between Dogs and Wolves is pure, gentle and varied, maintaining a strong folk core whilst exploring styles and textures around it. It is attention grabbing, rather than attention seeking, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates subtlety in their music, and who favours the gentle over the fierce.” For folk’s sake, UK

“A beautiful, beautiful record..Established artists will spend a career making music that doesn’t touch this” Scott Baxter, AmericanaUK

“If ever a songwriter and musician can adequately capture the indefinable pangs of the heart, the tremors and vibrations and quakes caused by life’s bittersweet beauty — sunrise over the ocean, the smooth skin of a lover’s cheek beneath the palm, the chest-against-chest magnification of two hearts beating in rhythm — it’s Piers Faccini.” The Daily Times, U.S

“A fragile folk encompasses Between Dogs and Wolves, the latest release from Piers Faccini. Folk music heard in sun-dappled rooms fragrant with wood fires and tea. If not available, the songs on Between Dogs and Wolves will prime the same type of introspection through its words and musical phrases set to trigger memory and senses. Between Dogs and Wolves is a work of art, graciously rendered audible for your ears and senses by Piers Faccini.” The Alternate Root, US

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