New MP3: “Calling On Your Shadow” to stream and download

One of the things about releasing an album every two years is a lot of songs can get left behind. I write a fair amount so a lot of the stuff I write ends up in the bin but other songs left over that I really like tend to stay unreleased as a result.

When making an album, there are undoubtedly advantages to reducing down the amount of songs one can write over a given time to an album’s length but the songs that don’t make the cut are not always the flawed ones; sometimes it’s just a case of them not fitting in with the rest.

‘Calling On Your Shadow’ is one of those songs that never made it onto an album but now that I’m free to make my own decisions about what to release and when, I decided to finish the song these days and share it with you.

I wrote the string arrangement with my old friend and band mate from Charley Marlowe, Lucas Suarez. Johan Daalgard plays the piano, Vincent Segal is on cello, Jean-Marc Apap on viola and Herve Capeller on violin. Lucas also mixed the track with Manuel Bernal.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!


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