Free download of demo of Fire in my head

Until I started producing my own albums and recording them in my home studio, I used to work with a producer and record at a studio of their choice. This is how it was for the album ‘Tearing Sky’ which I made with JP Plunier in L.A in 2005. With this album as with the earlier ‘Leave No Trace’, I already had elaborate versions of the songs in demo form which I had recorded prior to making the album. I listened recently to all these demos and felt like some of them merited being released in some form or other so here’s my version of the song ‘Fire in My Head’. For those of you that know it, you’ll see the arrangement is quite different from the final more stripped down album version. Lucas Suarez the guitarist from my first band Charley Marlowe adds some of his ebow magic to the track.

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