# 12: A la Claire Fontaine

Of all the songs I could have chosen, I had to go and choose this one! I know, I know..
Ok. Here’s the thing, I really love this song and not being French, am fairly oblivious of its significance. From what I understand, this is one of the songs that parents have sung to their kids in France for centuries. I discovered it on a cd for kids that a friend of ours gave to our oldest son Jonah. The version on the cd was kind of cheesy, as is often sadly the case when it comes to music for kids but that’s a whole other subject. I digress..

I think it’s slightly weird that this is a song that parents sing to their children being an utterly tragic love song but hey, who am I to judge? It could explain some things though but having said that in Britain we have Humpty Dumpty which freaked me out when I was a kid. Enough said. Give me tragic love songs any day!

Going back to the song itself with the cry to lost love that is the chorus, I always found that there was something in its structure that was almost like a Hindu Bhajan or even a gentle gospel hymn.

That’s how I’ve approached it, blissfully unaware of any cultural significance it might have like trampling happily into a white carpeted living room with black muddy shoes. So for those of you who are oblivious of its significance or history, your ignorance I hope, will bring you pleasure but for those French friends that do know it, what can I say? Forgive the weirdness, and if you can’t ‘faire abstraction’ as they say on these shores..I’m sorry!

How English to finish up with an apology..
Mais oui, c’est comme ca!

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