# 11: Broken Butterflies

There are some voices that are incapable of telling lies. They shine like mirrors before the soul, their beauty is in their nakedness, their honesty and their vulnerability. They draw us in like magnets. Like candle wax any resistance melts into the flame.

These are the voices that sing as we would wish to sing if we had those very same mirrors to reflect our lives. A jewel such as this is the voice of Lucinda Williams.

Of course it’s not just her voice I love but the words she sings, she’s the poet of heartbroken nights and desolate affairs, of solitude and redemption, of tragic love and passion. Although I’m less fond of her more recent work. Some of the ballads from her earlier albums are as breathtakingly bare and intimate as any you will ever hear.

The song I’ve chosen here to cover is as close to pure poetry as songwriting gets.

It’s as deep as an ocean and years after having discovered its chilled dark blue waters I still haven’t reached the end of where it takes me. I recorded this cover with Dom, whilst working on the last mixes for her album, she plays cello and sings backing vocals.

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