#1: Please Please Please let me get what I want

The first song in the series takes me back to my teens and the band I and so many others in the U.K fell in love with, The Smiths. In my first ever band when I was fifteen we used to play half our own songs and half Smiths tunes.
So starting with this song is a way to build some kind of story together in the series about the various influences that I have. I’ll leave you to guess which other artists I’ll cover later!

For me the idea of this cover series is just a way for me to share the joy I have in playing these incredible songs..It’s no more than that, hopefully you’ll dig them too.

Sometimes I might be tempted to stray from the original arrangement othertimes I’ll stick closer to the versions I first heard of the songs like I have here in the first one in the series: Please Please Please let me get what I want by The Smiths

So here’s to melancholy adolescence
and all the fruits it bears in the hearts of lonely souls!

Thank you Morrissey and Johnny Marr!

Click here to download the track for free

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