# 14 Morena do Mar – Dorival Caymmi

I discovered the song “Morena do mar” a few years ago and have been hypnotised by it ever since. I must have listened to it thousands of times and sung it over and over for months on end, enjoying the deliciously sweet smplicity, so characteristic of Dorival Caymmi’s music. The song is about a fisherman who is singing to his (morena-brown haired) sweetheart. He promises to bring her back all kinds of treasure from the sea, little fish, shells, star fish and even a patch of blue sky. All this so as to please her, so that she might¬† make herself even more beautiful.

A few months ago, when Piers and I were thinking about what songs to sing for a show we had together, I suggested we could try playing it. I’d been meaning to perform it for some time but somehow the right opportunity hadn’t presented itself yet. As expected, Piers immediately fell under the spell of Caymmi ‘s music and from that first moment we played it together in Switzerland, we knew it would be perfect for the Cover series. (Dom la Nena)

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